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So why are Tiso products a good choice for me?





Some people just cant see that a car is irreplaceable, but we at Tiso are fully aware that that is not always the case. The whole point of modifing your motor is to make it unique, and no insurance policy can ever re-create what you had exactly, nor compensate for the time, love and attention to detail you have shown.

We are also fully aware that the more you make your motor desirable for yourself, it's even more desirable for thieves, vandals and car-jackers.  So dont let them get away with it!

With the Track As You Go - Pro system you can take control of your vehicle, even when you are not in it. Features include...

Instantly get a message sent to your mobile phone if the car alarm is actived.

Display its realtime position on your 3G mobile phone, and show if the ignition is on.

And the ultimate theif and car-jack stopper...

Safely cut off power to the engine by sending the tracker an SMS.

If you are car-jacked then the safest thing to do is to let them take the vehicle, call the police, let them get a safe dsistance from you and then disable the power to the car. You can then see where the car is on your phone and go with the police to retrieve it.

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