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So why are Tiso products a good choice for me?





Here at Tiso, we are very aware at how easy it can be to steal a bike. It doesnt even have to be ridden away, just quickly loaded into the back of a van to be sold, exported or dismantled for parts.

With Tiso, you can get an sms sent to your mobile if your bike is moved (onboard accelerometer), Or set up a geo-fence around your bike, so that if it is moved more than a certain (user definable) distance, then you will also get sent a text.

You can then track your bike on any web enabled device including 3G phones and web-books.

If you have a model that uses a fuel pump, then you can also use the remote immobilisation feature and disable the vehicle safely with a text message.

Tiso hardware is extremely compact and is easily user-installable on Bikes, Trikes or Quads, actually on anything where you have a little space available, such as beneath the seat.


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