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So why are Tiso products a good choice for me?





Over 4500 Caravans are stolen every year in the UK and Ireland, but with the help of one of our tracker units, you can make sure you are not left without yours!

Having your caravan stolen can really be an awful experience. You've not only lost your home from home, but all of your personal posessions that are stored inside too.

Our caravan tracker is a small device designed for permanent installation into a caravan or seldom-used vehicle.

It has the ability to be powered by a solar panel, that keeps the internal battery topped up.

It also has a special "STATIC MODE", where it sleeps to conserve battery power, and is activated by external sensors (see the acessory section of our Store) Once activated it will convey its location via the GPRS network and send an alarm text message to your phone.

You can even wire a burglar alarm contact (readily available for a couple of pounds) on the door and connect it to the tracker to alert you with a text message if anyone forces it.



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