Here we try and answer some of your questions about our devices.

1. How can you make the Pay-As-You-Track product, when other companies want over £100 a year subscription on top of the cost of the hardware?

We have designed all the tracking hardware and software ourselves, and our sister company manufactures the units right here in the UK (overlooking a hill on the edge of the Cheshire countryside to be exact).
Because of this, we can customise the design and program the way the units behave to be able to save you money in running costs, and make them as energy efficent as possible, giving longer battery life and lower power consumption than most other comparable devices.

Many other companies, who often import thier units from the far east have no control over the design and functionality of the units. They sell these units at cost price (or even at a loss) and make thier money by charging a subscription to use the device.

Because these are our own products (and not other people's with a sticker slapped on), we can sell them to you at a low, fair price and have no need to charge you for any services. We do not have a monitoring centre, nor do we have any staff to pay to work in it. We simply give you the tools to monitor your own vehicles.

2. How do i know that this free service wont just stop suddenly, and my Pay-As-You Track tracker will be redundant.

We dont just make the Pay-As-You-Track product, we already have hardware units in many commercial vehicles including National Express coaches, and this is the core of our business.
We have purposely designed the system to have extremely low running costs for us without affecting performance at all, so we can easily afford to keep giving Tiso purchasers free tracking services for years to come.

3. Where are the User Manuals?

All user documents are on their respective device's pages in the products menu. The menu should show up on the right hand side of the screen.

You need to have registered an account and be logged in to download the manuals. Only Tiso product owners can register an account.

Move your mouse over the PRODUCTS button on the menu bar, then select your product from the Menu, or your device from the HARDWARE sub menu.

note: Although the "Pay As You Track" and "Pay As You Track Pro" systems use Tiso-21 and Tiso-19 Hardware respectively, please use the documents on the Pay As You Track pages, as the configuration is slightly different for these products on thier own.

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