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You can select which vehicles are displayed on the real-time map, and select from a choice of maps including Google Maps, Map 24, Yahoo, Microsoft and Open Streetmap. You can even use the satellite imaging and hybrid maps.



Journey Reports
(as shown on right)

After selecting the date, time and duration that you want to display, the journey is plotted onto a map.

These reports show the route taken as well as information including the vehicle's position when the reading was taken (shown on the example as the satellite icon), time, date and speed.

Journey reports can be played back in a similar way to video files, using the transport controls in the bottom left corner of the window. There is also a timeline bar where you can move quickly to any point in the reported journey.





















Tiso Viewer is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT.

Tiso Viewer has a one-time fee for the software, which includes 24 months Technical Support.
There are no subscription charges for the use of the software.

Microsoft MapPoint is sold seperately and is optional. It is required for display of streetnames on journey reports.

Update June 2010 : Fuel Level Monitoring has been discontinued.






Ignition Reports
(as shown on left)

These reports produce a list of times and addresses where the ignition has been turned on or off. Virtual pins can be placed on the map to mark places of interest, such as customer locations.
These will be visible on the report if the ignition is turned on or off within 100 meters of a pin.

These reports can be printed or saved directly from the program in multiple formats including PDF, Excel, Text, TIFF and HTML.

These reports can also calculate the fuel usage for the trip (if a fuel monitoring tracker is installed)


Product : VIEWING | Tiso Viewer | Price/Unit : £ 499.00

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