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GSM/GPS Combined Antenna

High quality combined GSM and GPS antenna
for use with
Tiso19 and Tiso 21 Trackers


Product : COMANT | Combined GPS / GSM Antenna | Price/Unit : £ 29.99

Motion and Vibration Detector

Monitors movement of the vehicle and will trigger if for example the vehicle has been hit or moved. Adjustable sensitivity. (Tiso 19 & Tiso 22 Only)


Out Of Stock

Multifunctional Passive Infra-red Module

This represents the receiver for the infra-red sensor hidden in the vehicle and has eight additional inputs for use with external switches. (Tiso 19 & Tiso 22 Only)


Out Of Stock

PIR Detector Unit
Sensor to allow movement sensitivity. Must be used with the multifunctional PIR module and full wiring loom. Complete with 2m of cable and 5-way Molex Standard connector. (Tiso 19 & Tiso 22 Only)


Out Of Stock

LED Module

LED module, for visible indication that the Tiso system is active. Used in combination with the LED units. (Tiso 19 & Tiso 22 Only)




Blue Alarm Indicators

Blue LED alarm indicator unit. Provided on a 2m lead terminated with a 4 way standard Molex connector. Used in combination with the LED Module.



5 way Interconnect Lead


Links Expansion Modules


Product : INTERCON | 5 Way Interconnect Lead | Price/Unit : £ 2.49

Replacement Battery

A quality replacement rechargeable battery pack.


Product : BAT | Replacement Battery | Price/Unit : £ 14.99

Replacement Wiring Loom

Allows wiring up of external I/O, vehicle alarm monitoring, provides accesss to the internal aux. alarm. Provides access to the normally open relay contacts and external sounder input, and short accessary plug for external sensors. (Tiso 19 & Tiso 22 Only)


Product : LOOM | Full 16 way Loom | Price/Unit : £ 9.99



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