v5 Firmare Upgrade

As of the 1st July 2012 we have released a new version of firmware for the TAYG platform.

It is designed to minimze the effects of the problems that some gsm masts have when re-registering a sim card. At the moment the problems are not uniform throughout the country. But if you are unlucky enough to loose network connectivity within coverage of a problem GSM mast then your tracker may not be able to get back on the network.

To rectify this we are offering a service whereby you ship your tracker to us, we will them reprogram the unit and upgrade the modem firmware, overhaul the unit and give you a further 12months warranty from date of upgrade. Your unit will be worked on as soon as it arrives and returned within 48 to 72 hours where possible.

The total cost including shipping and the dreaded VAT is £15
(based on returning a working unit to us, we will contact you if you return a faulty unit that needs repairing)

All units are returned by Royal Mail, and tracking numbers are available on request.

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v5 Firmware Upgrade



Product : Upgradev5 | Upgradev5 | Price/Unit : £ 5.21

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